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Meet Efe

We welcome back Efe as he progresses onto a new Freedom Wheels bike to support his renewed goals. Efe has made significant progress over four years with his Freedom Wheels Trike and now he rides a two-wheel Voyager Bike!

Efe is an 11-year-old boy who lives with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). His initial diagnosis affected his everyday life and activities significantly, especially due to his non-verbal communication and sensory needs, which limited various activities for him. However, over time, Efe and his family have learned to manage these challenges and provide Efe with the necessary support to adapt to various environments.

Sev, Efe’s mum, discovered Freedom Solutions back in 2019 when she was looking for a company that provides an adaptable tricycle for Efe as he had outgrown his bike which served him throughout his toddler years. She found Freedom Wheels to be the only online company capable of accommodating their needs.

Their first trial experience with Freedom Wheels wasn’t so easy, with Efe being hesitant to try any bikes. With reassurance from his family and the Freedom Wheel’s Product Specialist, he successfully trialled the 20 inch Freedom Wheels Edge Trike.

With Efe’s diagnosis, he needed a bike that he could comfortably sit on and ride to build his confidence in bike riding so that he could go to the park where he saw other kids riding their bikes. The custom 20 inch Edge Tricycle from Freedom Wheels gave Efe the support he needed with toe straps on the foot pedals, a large seat to ensure he felt secure sitting down, a back handle to allow Sev to maneuver, push and brake when needed. This allowed them to help Efe build his confidence on the bike.

Since they received the tricycle four years ago, Efe has made significant progress in his bike riding abilities, although he did not like getting onto his bike initially. It took a lot of time and perseverance for Efe to build his confidence. With Efe’s family’s assistance and his consistent practise, he started enjoying bike riding. Sev used to push him on the bike and brake for him, but as time went by, he built the motor skills to independently do these on his own. They gradually removed the foot pedal straps and eventually stopped using the parent handle at the back as he learnt how to brake himself.

When Efe came back for another trial in January 2024, he looked more confident bike riding. Efe was more open to trying suitable bikes and the experience was much better. Katrina, Freedom Wheel’s Product Specialist, made the bike trial extremely easy and comfortable for Efe and assisted with all enquiries. Sev initially thought Efe may need to try another trike, but it was a surprise for her and her family to see Efe getting on a two-wheeled bike with adjustable outriggers. He is now highly confident in riding and has good control of the bike which enables him to ride independently.

Freedom means that Efe has the confidence to do all the things he loves to do without any barriers. Freedom Wheels allows him to enjoy bike riding, like any other individual from the community, without limiting him and allowing him to grow” – Sev, Efe’s mum


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