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The Role of Occupational Therapy in Frame Running

Posted on 8th Dec 2022

Occupational therapy has an important role in frame running, as it can help individuals with disabilities improve their physical abilities and participate in this high-energy, exciting sport.

Frame running, also known as running wheelchair racing or race running, is a form of competitive wheelchair racing that is open to individuals with various disabilities, including cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, and other conditions that affect mobility. In frame running, participants use a three-wheeled racing chair that is specifically designed for high-speed racing and maneuverability.

Watch Freedom Wheels OT Sian go through how Occupational Therapy is involved in Frame Running.


For many individuals with disabilities, frame running can provide a sense of freedom and accomplishment that may not be possible with other forms of exercise or sports. However, in order to participate in frame running, individuals may need assistance in developing the physical skills and strength necessary to compete at a high level. This is where occupational therapy can play a crucial role.

Occupational therapists are trained to help individuals with disabilities improve their physical abilities and participate in activities that are meaningful to them. In the context of frame running, an occupational therapist can work with an individual to develop the strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination needed to compete in races.

This may involve a variety of different interventions, including strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and mobility exercises. The occupational therapist may also work with the individual to develop strategies for maintaining proper posture and alignment in the racing chair, as well as for controlling the chair and making sharp turns at high speeds.

Frame Runners get ready to race in Australia! Freedom Wheels Frame Running

Every runner is different, and different supports may be needed on each individual Frame Runner. Occupational Therapists can help prescribe the correct level of extra supports to assist the runner in optimising their level of running.

In addition to helping individuals develop the physical skills necessary for frame running, an occupational therapist can also provide support and guidance in other areas that may impact an individual’s ability to compete. This may include addressing any cognitive or emotional challenges that may arise, as well as providing education and training on proper nutrition and hydration for optimal performance.

Overall, the role of occupational therapy in frame running is to help individuals with disabilities develop the physical abilities and skills necessary to participate in this exciting sport. Through individualized intervention and support, occupational therapists can help individuals with disabilities experience the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from competing in races.

How can one get started in Frame Running?

Freedom Wheels now has capacity for Frame Running trials in Metro Melbourne!
Freedom Wheels Occupational Therapists runs weekly clinics at its head office in Abbotsford.
Each clinic is completely Free and obligation free, giving each rider the perfect opportunity to try Frame Running in a safe and comfortable environment.

Step 1: Learn more about Frame Running on our dedicated page here
Step 2: Fill out our enquiry form here
Step 3: Make sure to indicate that you are interested in Frame Running
Step 4: Get booked in and attend your Free Frame Running session!

Where else can I learn about Frame Running?

Here are some important links that will help you on your Frame Running journey.
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How else can I contact Freedom Wheels?

You can visit our Facebook page here, or our Instagram page here.
Make sure to visit our Youtube page for more videos on Frame Running.
You can also call us on 1300 663 243.

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